Julia Roberts is a Hindu now

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08.11.10 27 Comments

(Julia Roberts sits down for tea with one of the lesser-known Kardashian sisters, Kurry)

With The Dependables and Michael Cera’s Lesbian Hair Affair opening this weekend, I worry that a fine, life-affirming drama like Eat, Pray, Love might slip through the cracks, like so much moist queef air.   I posted Jim Norton’s review yesterday (“she falls in love with the smell of garbage”), but even that didn’t seem to build anyone’s enthusiasm.  Well, what if I told you the movie was so powerful that it caused a Hollywood actress to adopt an Eastern religion?  That’s right, who’s laughing now?  This is unprecedented.

In her September Elle magazine cover story, Roberts anounces that since her film-making sojourn in India, she and her family now worship as Hindus and go together to a temple to “chant and pray and celebrate. I’m definitely a practicing Hindu.”

Roberts, who was brought up Christian, has already named her production company Red Om Films,” drawing on the mystical syllable Hindus say encompasses the universe. [USA Today]

I wonder if Hindus worry that their status as one of the world’s least-annoying religions will be jeopardized by its association to famous actors.  No one wants to be the next Kabbalah.  But you have to admit at least this much: a six-limbed elephant God is way more awesome than anything the other religions have, unless you count Scientology, and no one does.  Speaking of six-limbed elephant gods, I wonder if Japan has ever produced any Ganesh porn.  Seems right up their alley.

In a related story, Nicolas Cage now believes he’s a sorcerer.

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