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12.03.08 21 Comments

In shocking news you’ll never believe, the hype-heavy Justice League of America movie, which more than a year ago I said would never get made, has now lost George Miller, who was once rumored to be directing JLA, a Mad Max sequel, and Happy Feet 2, all in a six-month period.

Dark Horizons reports that filmmaker George Miller appeared on Sydney-based morning talk show “Sunrise” on Monday and confirmed he’s no longer involved with the Justice League movie in any capacity.  Miller indicated that if the project does get going again, he expects that it’ll be recast as “the studios seem to want bigger stars in their superhero movies now.”
Miller added that he’d like to work with Mel Gibson again and while the actor doesn’t want to do the “Mad Max” script he wrote, he hasn’t given up on that possibility just yet. [ComingSoon]

Bigger stars?  Who the hell needs big stars when you’ve got Hawkman and the guy who talks to fish?  What’s that you say, terrorists are attacking the Pentagon?  Call Superman!  Wait, Superman could never defeat them alone!  Call Batman and Wonder Woman and the Flash. No, still not good enough!  Wait, I’ve got it!  This sounds like a job for… The Green Arrow, and his boxing-glove arrow!  Then, once Green Arrow has them stunned, Superman can vaporize them with his eyeball lasers!

Who gives a shit who you cast, this thing writes itself.

UPDATE: The original source for this story, Dark Horizons, has removed their original story, and representatives for George Miller say nothing about is true, that he is still attached to the project, and that he did not go on any Sunrise talk show.  Phew!  He’s in, he’s out, he’s in – I’m all dazed, it’s like I just got hit with a boxing glove arrow or something.  Seriously though, I would happily murder George Miller with a shovel if it meant never having to write anything about this stupid project ever again.

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