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Following in the footsteps of 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, The Bacon Brothers, and whatever Keanu Reeves’ band was called, Kevin Costner recently put out an album with his band Modern West.  This is the video for their first single, “Superman 14.”  It basically sounds like if you tried to cover every John Cougar Mellencamp song at once.  Selected lyrics:

I feel like superman/flyin over muddy rivers/count everything from one one to four-teen…
Other roads where them sunflowers grow/I can see… from here to eternity.
I’m 90 miles from nowhere, livin in this dust bowl dirt.  Baseball, Buddy Holly, black tennis shoes, dirty old t-shirts.

Which brings me to part 1 of my series, Advice for Celebrities who Play Music. I know it feels like creating an identity separate from your movie stardom is important, but don’t overdo it.  Let’s face it, you’re not going to make us forget you’re a movie star just by acting like a regular guy.  For instance, when you’re writing lyrics, and this is important, don’t just think of things regular people might do and mash them all together like a Billy Joel song.  Lumber shoppin’, couch from Target, croc sandals and Olive Garden/I went to work, I bought a suit off the rack…

[Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip]

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