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05.15.09 40 Comments

Vulture recently did an interview with Kevin Smith, in which he’s his charming, insightful, and funny self (I don’t understand why that so rarely comes through in his movies).  He discusses the disappointment of Zack and Miri (which, to be fair, sucked), smoking weed to cope, and taking a hiatus from the internet.  The whole thing’s worth a read, but here’s a snip:

“Opening on Halloween wasn’t great. We never really nailed our marketing campaign … I mean, having “porno” in the title in some weird way hurt. And that shocked me because I was like, “I thought that was our edge, for heaven’s sake.” But apparently not. I mean, it was what it was. But we should have done better. Because that, to me, was like the most mainstream flick that I could write.

“And so, yeah, that was tough, but something good came out of it, and that was that I became a habitual f-cking weed smoker, for a long period of time. They always tell you, “you don’t get anything done.” And, you know, I was more productive in six months … and maybe I’m giving credit to weed, but the fact of the matter is I stayed off the Internet for six months because after our opening I was like, “I can’t show my face on the Internet!” Because the Internet is like high school, and having Zach and Miri open to ten million is the equivalent of wearing a really gay-ass-looking shirt on the first day of school, and everyone’s talking about it for the next few months. So rather then go back to school, I quit school for a few months.”

It’s true, Kevin normally avoids the gay ass shirt ridicule, but only because he wears the same goddamned outfit every day.  You just know that coat smells like loneliness and Febreze.

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