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08.30.07 7 Comments

Despite my best efforts to explain to him that he's much more interesting as a guest speaker than he is as a filmmaker (Honestly, I think the nicest thing I've ever said about one of his movies was 'Eh, it had its moments.'), Kevin Smith continues to make films.  But hey, I can't even get my penis to cooperate with me, why should I expect different from someone I don't even know?  

Most recently, he's finished writing the script for Red State

Not to say there’s no dialogue; just that there’s about half as much as I normally write,” Smith revealed on his website “Unlike any other script I’ve ever authored, to say the least. Very fucked up. If I’d never said anything about it in the press and put it out under a pseudonym, I doubt anyone would ever connect me with it. Can’t wait to shoot it.” "I have a hard time classifying it as a “horror flick” because, while it shares some of the genre conventions, it’s just not what most would consider a horror flick. Horrific, yes, but not a horror flick in terms of the general definition. Let’s put it this way: if “Rosemary’s Baby” can be classified as a horror flick, then “Red State” can be as well."

Ditching the overwrought, Reservoir Dogs meets Dawson's Creek dialogue would certainly be a step in the right direction.  So there, prove me wrong, Kevin Smith. Rub my face in it like I did that courtroom when I beat the peeping tom charges. What's up now, grandma?

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