Kick-Ass has a new, less-gay music video

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04.12.10 30 Comments

The last time I posted a Kick-Ass-related music video, it was for alleged Brit pop star Mika, and the song was about as gay as Freddie Mercury giving a unicorn a handjob (with eye contact).  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  The latest is the quite-a-bit-more-rocking video for The Soft Pack’s “Answer to Yourself”, featuring Kick-Ass castmembers Clark Duke, Chloe Moretz in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit (no comment, as per court order), and my close, personal friend Christopher Mintz-Plasse, who sent this to me.  Okay, I lied, it was actually Burnsy who sent it, but probably only because CM-P was busy, right, guys?  Anyway, pretty cool overall.  I’m just a little upset that this guy stole my outfit.

UPDATE: Now with working video.

I took the sleeves off to keep them from getting snagged while I take your lunch money.  The fingerless gloves are so I can still snap my fingers when I’m doing a dance about it.

[via MTV, Love Bazukas came from here]

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