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Judd Apatow recently filmed an episode of Inside the Actor’s Studio that airs tonight, in which he shows up looking all clean cut like a 6th grader on picture day while James Lipton is his usual eccentric, sycophantic self.  In this clip, Apatow reveals that the scene in Knocked Up where Katherine Heigl kicks Seth Rogen out of the car on the way to the gynecologist was actually autobiographical.

APATOW: One thing I thought would be fun would be to sort of capture the intensity of some of these moments between couples. And just how heated it gets.  I think at the time I was realizing just how frustrating I was to be around.

LESLIE MANN (Apatow’s wife): I did throw him out of the car on the way to the gynecologist.

APATOW: And that is a complicated moment, because I have no money, and I’m five miles from the gynecologist…

MANN: How did you do that?

APATOW: I took a cab.

MANN:  How did you pay?

APATOW: I blew the guy.

Apatow and Mann go all Abbot and Costello at the end there, but you can tell they were super pissed at each other at the time.  That’s rough.  I’ve never had to hitchhike five miles to the gynecologist, but I have been kicked out of the examination room for making foghorn sounds.  And impersonating a doctor.

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