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03.28.08 59 Comments

Ebay recently finished a charity auction of "one of a kind celebrity experiences", including:

Tickets for you and a guest to meet Djimon Hounsou at the premiere of his upcoming film Push. (Top bid currently $1,010.54)

An all expenses paid trip to a Counting Crows concert to be their roving correspondent for the day.

Lifeline radios signed by Tom Hanks. (sold for $2550)

A personalized video birthday message from Colin Firth. (sold for $9,300)

There were a couple others involving Scarlett Johansson, Kristin Davis, and Shakira, but my personal favorite was Larry the Cable Guy.

Bid on Larry’s fully loaded 2000 Dodge Ram, 2 VIP tickets to one of his shows, and a meet & greet opportunity! (sold for $22,200)

Clearly Larry upgraded to the 2003.  I heard it has power windows and remote keyless entry.  Oh to be famous, if even for one day…  In related news, I will still eat a cat turd for ten dollars.  Proceeds go to the Lance’s bar tab memorial foundation.

[Thanks to Burnsy for the link]

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