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07.23.09 29 Comments

When you’re a big Hollywood director, giving major roles in your movies to your wife is pretty standard, and can lead to things like Rose McGowan playing the queen of England. “Excuse me, like, this throne is totally chafing my vag.”  Luckily Judd Apatow was smart enough to marry Leslie Mann, who just so happens to be freaking adorable.  The latest clip from Apatow’s Funny People has Mann getting into an argument with Eric Bana, who plays her husband, and badly mimicking his Australian accent.  Maybe it’s just me, but even when she’s playing a total bitch, whenever she’s on screen I get the overwhelming urge to start a tickle fight.  I guess what I’m saying is, I’d let her pee on me.  What?  It’s sterile.

Watch the Funny People clip here

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