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07.10.09 28 Comments

Lindsay Lohan can’t seem to book a job, and no one wants to insure her projects, so naturally she’s starting her own production company.  Oh but wait, it gets better:

Lohan and Kristi Kaylor, who runs Lohan’s 6126 brand, named for Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, have created Unforgettable Prods [I’ll give you an unforgettable prod, OH!].  The duo are developing several projects including a TV show called “Faux Real,” described as “Entourage” for the fashion world.

Sweet Jesus.  The only thing I can imagine worse than a group of douchebags who hang all day around obsessing about their personality-free buddy’s fame is a group of chicks living the dream of being friends with a stylist.  Wait, “Faux Real”?  You mean as in, “fo real, dawg?”  Haha, I just got that.  *puts pistol in mouth*

There’s also a game show involving dating tentatively called “That’s What Friends Are For” and a “docu-cause” TV show the pair will produce in conjunction with a charitable organization. Kaylor said they’re also in the midst of optioning a couple of books — one for film and the other for TV.  “We’re taking a 360-degree approach,” Kaylor said. [THR]

And by “360-degree approach” she means “looking around and around, desperately hoping someone will give a sh-t.”

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