Lohan Makes Movie Poster, Not Movie

05.28.10 8 years ago 15 Comments

Lindsay Lohan spent last week traipsing around Cannes, allegedly promoting her next film, Inferno, which is the story of legendary porn actress Linda Lovelace. Despite having no cast or filming schedule, Lohan still attended the Cannes parties under the guise that her film’s producers were seeking buzz and probably funding as well. But all is well now as TMZ.com revealed two new posters (above) for Inferno, meaning that the intention of making this movie has never been greater.

According to Muse Films (huh?) Production Executive Jonathan Fong, the film will begin shooting in the fall. He revealed this information because of questions regarding Lohan’s SCRAM ankle bracelet that she’ll have to wear until at least July 6. It’s just shame that the Los Angeles judge didn’t make her have sex with a dog, then everyone could have been a winner!

Take it to the hilt, Ace Show Biz:

“Inferno” will center its story on Linda Lovelace who gained people’s attention after starring in “Deep Throat”, one of the most notorious porn films ever made. The biopic will cover how she became involved in the industry and her ultimate departure from it when she joined the anti-pornography movement before her untimely death in 2002.

Bill Pullman is reportedly also attached to the upcoming film to portray Hugh Hefner while Matthew Wilder is set to direct. Production is said to take place in Los Angeles, but there has been no official word on when the shooting will be kicked off. The project is tentatively targeted for 2011 release.

LOHAN! PULLMAN! This movie reeks of Academy Award nominations. You know, so long as they smell like Astroglide and Parliament Lights. According to US Weekly, Fong and the rest of the film’s producers are confirming that Lohan’s presence at Cannes was incredibly necessary from a sales standpoint for Inferno. That makes sense, because if she’s not there to challenge potential financiers to drinking games, then how will they get so blasted that funding a Lindsay Lohan movie sounds feasible?

And if you need further evidence of why she had to violate her court-ordered alcohol compliance program attendance, just ask Lindsay herself:

See? This girl’s going places again.

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