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07.16.09 16 Comments

This is the trailer for the Thai film Raging Phoenix, starring Jeeja Yanin.  You may remember Jeeja Yanin from Chocolate, in which she played the SPECIAL NEEDS GIRL, WITH A NEED, TO KICK ASSRaging Phoenix is a Thai romantic comedy that combines love, kickboxing, breakdancing and robot legs.  The trailer’s in Thai without subtitles, so I don’t know exactly what’s going on, and I have a hard time telling which character is which*, so I don’t know exactly how closely intertwined are the romance and the breakdance kickboxing.  But maybe it’s like the Thai What’s Love Got to Do With It.  “Girl, can’t choo see I love you?  Why you always gotta make me breakdance fight cho ass?  You know ah only wear dese robot legs cuz you hurt me.”

*Because of, um, …the editing. Yes, the fast editing, that’s why I can’t tell them apart…

[Pictures via KungFuCinema, thanks to FilmDrunkard SA for the tip]

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