Machete is an anti-white hateporn snuff film, according to some dude

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09.06.10 21 Comments

If you half paid attention to one of the Machete trailers and never saw the movie, you too would know that Robert Rodriguez’ film is an anti-white hateporn snuff film promoting genocide against the white race. This was first discovered by Bay Area National Anarchist (yes, “national anarchist”) leader Andrew Yeoman, who not only vowed to protest the Machete premiere while brandishing actual machetes, but even started a Facebook page. That’s right, sh*ts getting real now!  (*writes “HELTER SKELTER” on the wall with poop*)  ATTICA! ATTICA! (*throws pillow at cat*)

A group of white nationalists will protest the new Robert Rodriguez movie Machete at Bay Area cinemas this week. This gets even more interesting: The protesters will show up “armed” with machetes.
“We feel that this is an explicit threat to white folks,” Yeoman wrote on the far-right blog Occidental Dissent, “and that it is necessary to send a message to moviegoers and the producers of this film that threatening people because they happen to be white is unacceptable.” [SFWeekly]

Whoa whoa whoa, “happen to be white?”  I don’t know about you, buddy, but I didn’t “happen to be white”, I was bequeathed my pure-white skin by God himself so that I might rule over all manner of swarthy ethnics from behind locked doors as I drove through their neighborhoods shaking my head at their obnoxious jungle music. 

I digress, but the blockquote above was an excerpt from an article from last week, which among other things, included the news that carrying around a machete is apparently perfectly legal.

San Francisco Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Lyn Tomioka says there’s nothing inherently illegal with openly carrying around a machete, as long as protesters aren’t using them in a menacing manner.
Yeoman says “we feel that bringing machetes is important symbolism.”

Aw yeah, this is going to take my pigeon-chasing sessions to a whole new level.  So anyway, how’d that protest turn out?

“We don’t believe people should be targeted by their ethnicity,” said Steve Yeoman, founder of Bay Area National Anarchists, outside Livermore Cinemas on First Street as his group of five people handed information. The San Francisco resident also wore two cardboard facsimiles of machetes around his neck. Yeoman, who founded the group three years ago in San Francisco, said he has not seen the movie, but based on the trailers he has seen, he feels the film should not be shown in theaters [I’ve said the same thing about Little Fockers]. [InsideBayArea]

So five protesters with cardboard machetes and the reporter mistakenly called you “Steve”?  Sounds like a success.

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