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06.13.08 48 Comments

Like strip clubs, posters for The Happening are a little different south of the border. 

Fox Mexico’s unique marketing campaign behind "The Happening" has some here thinking the M. Night ["The Dickhead"] Shyamalan thriller contains scenes filmed in Mexico.
That’s because Fox Mexico has altered the poster to give it a local flavor [¡Ay que pico! –Ed.]. The original poster depicts a line of abandoned cars on a two-lane highway leading to a U.S. city on the horizon. The Mexican one-sheets, in contrast, show a similar scene with backdrops of emblematic landmarks in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, the nation’s three largest cities. [THR]

Dude, you can’t just change the movie to suit the country you advertise in.  Still, other studios are following suit.  German ads for The Incredible Hulk depict him smashing the windows of Jewish-owned businesses, while in China, the Joker works in a nail salon.

No word on why they re-titled it The End of Times or chose not to change his name to "M. Noche".

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