Marmaduke ups the ante on animals with sunglasses

Senior Editor
05.10.10 25 Comments

Marmaduke has a new poster out, and as you can see, it’s a shot across the bow of all other family comedies.  The days of your half-assed, one-animalin-sunglasses poster designs are numbered.  Marmaduke has changed the game.  Upped the ante.  Raised the bar. Put MORE SUNGLASSES on MORE ANIMALS! (*air guitar*) The world demands it.  This makes the Fonz jumping a shark on waterskis look like the PC guy from the PC and Mac commercials filling out a census form.  TWO ANIMALS IN SUNGLASSES?!?!  THIS JUST ISN’T DONE!  IT’S TOO IN MY FACE!  It’s like if Slash and Eddie Van Halen were both in the same band and both shredding double-necked guitars while doing wheelies on motorcycles and frotting. BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY AND ALL OF YOUR CATS, DOGS, AND LLAMAS!

(*hyperventilates from too many animals in sunglasses*)

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