Mash Up: What If Black Swan and Showgirls… Scissored?

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12.13.10 2 Comments

After the jump, you can watch a pretty swell mash up of Black Swan and the Paul Verhoeven nipple-core epic, Showgirls, the dolphin-flopping orgasmest movie of 1995  (Mr. Holland’s Opus being a close second).  Watching it, I was surprised at how well audio from the Black Swan trailer corresponds with the events in Showgirls. #ObviousMashUpCompliments.

[below video NSFW, for brief nudity]

Ahh, that dolphin sex scene, I can’t get enough of it.  Still, the real “blowhole” on the Showgirls set? Paul Verhoeven’s nose. (*bangs gong, cartwheels off stage*)

[JeffreyMcHale via Buzzfeed]

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