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07.25.08 70 Comments

Max Payne director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines) showed off some new Max Payne footage at Comic-Con, and explained that the slow-motion scenes in the movie will be shot at 1000 frames per second using a hard drive called Phantom.  The technology will allow the film to recreate the "bullet time" effect that was a major component of the video game.

Star Mark Wahlberg explained, "Shooting at 1000 frames allows the audience to experience every flavor, texture, and nuance of a scene.  It’s amazing, you can literally feel the vibration.  Feel it, feel it."

Yes, I made up that entire quote.  In all seriousness, I’m not that interested in applying this technology to a crappy adaptation of a video game that was basically an adaptation of a movie in the first place.  But can you imagine if they’d applied it to the bear-punching scene in Wicker Man?  Sweet mother of shit that would’ve been awesome.  

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