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02.06.08 163 Comments

Now that the Terminator franchise is officially being sodomized, speculation about where the infected semen will splash in the fourth movie is running rampant.

After one-named wonderdouche director McG scored Christian Bale for the role of John Connor, he’s been dropping hints that other real actors might be in it too. A few days ago it was Daniel Day-Lewis.  Today it’s Josh Brolin.

It’s very difficult to say because [the terminator] is a decidedly masculine role and I think we’re living in a time where a lot of actors are very effeminate and they’re sort of skinny, heroine chic and there’s really a masculine component to the role. And there’s guys out there like Russell Crowe and Eric Bana, bring a good physicality, they do what they do, but I don’t know if they’re exactly right at the end of the day. (Smiles) Josh Brolin is a very exciting actor – we’ll see. [213]

I don’t think it’s gonna happen and I hope it won’t, but I can’t deny McG’s got the right idea.  Josh Brolin’s a big star right now, but he’s still only been famous for like a year.  He’s basically like a chick who had cellulite and baloney tits her whole life but recently lost 50 pounds and got implants, and now everyone wants to bang her.  But her hotness is still so new that regular guys like you and I can date her, because she doesn’t realize that she can get guys who drive fancy cars and wear pants and stuff yet.  Right now, you pretty much just sock her in the jaw and yell pop goes the weasel and you’re in. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Josh Brolin has really nice tits.  

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