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09.03.09 23 Comments

Entertainment Tonight recently did a piece on Diablo Cody’s Jennifer’s Body and something something something MEGAN FOX AND AMANDA SEYFRIED LESBIAN KISS!!!  Luckily the lesbian kiss (also the name of a cover band I used to play in) comes just 12 seconds in, because the rest of it is like watching Death Proof over and over with the car crashes cut out.  “Please, tell us more about your character, Evil Cheerleader #4, I’m fascinated by her psychology.”  Amanda Seyfried (who’s playing a character named “Needy”, apparently), actually manages to come off dumber than her Mean Girls character.  It’s like she has ESPN or something.  And then Diablo Cody shows up wearing heart-shaped sunglasses and a leopard-print trench coat to make me regret ever defending her.  Please tell me that’s a costume.  It looks like she’s interviewing for the Katy Perry detective agency.

[via CinemaBlend]

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