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04.07.09 25 Comments

At a recent event, LG’s president of mobile products Juno Cho was showing off his company’s big money sponsorship deal with Transformers when he invited Michael Bay onstage in front of LG employees.  At which point…

Michael was warmly applauded.  Casually dressed, he seemed at ease as he took the mic, said hello, then said, “I have some big news: I’ve just been named the next CEO of LGE…”  The crowd laughed.
Michael smiled again saying “No.  Seriously – I don’t know anything about mobile phones.  In fact, look at my phone (which he held up) – it’s a Thirty-Nine dollar Samsung”
You could feel Mr Cho’s anger from across the room.  LG people ran to get phones, Mr. Cho went up to Michael (who seemed oblivious to the enormous slap he’d just delivered to every LG employee’s face) and said, “Here, now you have an LG phone” and gave him his own personal device.  He took the mic back and quickly wrapped up the disastrous press conference. But not before Michael could dish out a little more pain…”but all my contacts are in the other one” he said in a petulant voice.
Making matters even worse, I later heard that they’d even scripted all Michael’s remarks but for whatever reason, maybe because he’s retarded or perhaps he’s just a total jerk, he elected to trash LG instead [Ed. Note: We get it, buddy, he used the wrong phone, put your tampon back in.]

Dude, what did you expect when you brought out Michael Bay?  You can just tell the guy grips it and rips it; he lives life with a lot of flair.  Does he know what he’s doing today?  No.  Does he know what product he’s selling today?  No.  But he’s here, and he’going to give it is his best shot.  As a kid, Michael Bay was always more interested in what BARK was made out of on a TREE…

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