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In this first of a series of Tranformers 2 featurettes being sponsored by Walmart, Michael Bay reminds his crew that job 1 is making the dreams of children come true (provided those children’s dreams involve giant robots that fight). Shortly thereafter, he announces that Nike made him a shoe called the “Bay-os”. The crew later describes the shoot as not only Bay-os, but also Bay-hem.

I’ve compiled a list of other things you may not know about Michael Bay:

Favorite Food: Baygels
Favorite Color: Bayge
Favorite Drink: Bayley’s
Favorite Spice: Bay Leaves
Favorite Hendrix Song: “Bay Joe”
Style of Potatoes: Bayked
80s Teen Idol: Scott Bayo
Children’s Book: The Bayrenstein Bayrs
Baseball player: Baybe Ruth
Headache Remedy: Bayer
Irish Actor: Baybriel Byrne
Baseball Team: The Tampa Bay Devil Bays
Translating Software: Baybelfish
Biggest Fear: Grizzly Bayrs
Firearm: 12 Bayge (double Bay-rrelled)
Chanukah Gift: Baydle
Method for Storing Hay: Bayles
TV Show for Girls: Anne of Green Baybles
Vice: MasturBaytion
Video Game Console: Baystation 3
Sex: Baynal
Method for Tenderizing Meat: Baysting
Website: MysBayce
What Does the Sheep Say: Baaaay
Catchphrase: “UnBaylievable!

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