Michael Jackson used to prank call Russell Crowe

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05.06.10 17 Comments

I’m not even getting cute with that headline, that’s the actual story.  It sounds like it was written by the Family Guy manatees, but Michael Jackson used to make prank phone calls to Russell Crowe.

The brooding hunk [say what now?] has revealed that after he shot to fame in police thriller L.A. Confidential, he gained a series of new celebrity friends. He became good pals with the late singing superstar and the pair shared a similar sense of humour so often played pranks on each other. Jackson would regularly phone Crowe and try to convince him he was in trouble, much to the actor’s amusement.

“A gruff voice would say something was wrong, then this tiny little voice said, ‘Don’t worry. This is Michael,'” Crowe told GQ magazine.

Crowe admits he hasn’t always been the victim of prank phone calls – he has also made some in the past. When he was shooting L.A. Confidential, the star would leave rude voice mails for James Ellroy, who wrote the book the movie was based on. During one message, Russell left a rhyme for James which said, “Woof-woof, hear the demon dog bark. He’s got a 12-inch wanger and it glows in the dark”. [Stuff via ScreenJunkies]

It’s unfortunate, all this time I thought that when Russell Crowe shouted “HERE’S JACKO” and fired a cell phone at my skull, it was because he was upset that the buffet ran out early.  Turns out he was just excited because Michael Jackson was on the phone.  You are a cool dude, Russell Crowe.  You relate well to people.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  No one else could tell a story about a 90-pound Scientologist with a prosthetic nose and still come off the crazy one.  I wonder if it’s Russell Crowe who’s been prank calling me.  Sometimes I pick up the phone late at night and all I hear is thirty odd foot of grunts.

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