Michael Madsen believes Tarantino’s coke rambles

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04.09.10 14 Comments

The cool thing about guys like Quentin Tarantino who do mountains of blow (or act like it) is that they always have lots of ideas. That, and the awesome wizard guy who appears sometimes.  Thing is, they often don’t follow up on them.  Which can be a good thing (“Dude.  Dude.  Three words: Semester. In Space.”).  ThePlaylist has a whole feature devoted to Tarantino ideas that never came to pass.  One such idea was a movie about Vincent Vega (Travolta in Pulp Fiction) and his brother Vic (Madsen in Reservoir Dogs), which would be called “Vega Brothers”. Trouble is, both characters died in their movies, and at some point, Tarantino decided the actors were too old to make it a prequel.  However, according to Michael Madsen, Tarantino has come up with, shall we say, “a device.”

“Quentin decided that John [Travolta] and I got too old to make a prequel,” he explained, but then added when asked if the project was done said, “No, actually Quentin went down to Tijuana recently, and on his return he said that he came up with an idea that the movie didn’t have to be a prequel, that John and I could play each other’s twin brothers.”

“I’d be Vic Vega’s twin brother,” Madsen explained. “[Travolta would] be Vincent’s twin brother and we’re both on a flight from Los Angeles, having just been released from prison, and neither one of us know that we’re the twin brother of the other one and we’re both on our way back to LA to avenge the death of our brothers.” [WAAF Boston via Cinematical]

“So I’d play my own twin brother, and I’d run into the twin brother of my brother… who also had a twin, who would also be my brother, but not my twin?  And we don’t know that we’re brothers, but we meet trying to avenge our brothers?  Holy sh*t, bro, my head hurts.  *takes huge bong load* But I like it.  *blows out smoke*

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