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This is the video for “Lucas with the Lid Off”, for which director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine, Be Kind Rewind) was nominated for a grammy for best music video in 1995.  It’s really old, obviously, but given that I was more worried about seeing Renata Reynolds’ bra strap than Michel Gondry in 1995, it was new to me.  The whole thing appears to have been filmed in one continuous steadycam shot, which probably makes it more gimmicky than cool, but still, impressive.  It’s kind of like if I showed you a stick finger drawing of a horsey, it wouldn’t be the interesting, but when I tell you I drew it with my weiner suddenly I’m a genius.  The art world is fickle like that.

Bonus fact: Lucas, the guy singing the song, is the son of the founder of Pottery Barn.  Some say shortly after this video was filmed, he shooped.

Thanks to Burnsy for the tip

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