Mickey Rourke is the Best Dude Ever

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12.20.10 17 Comments


Mickey Rourke sets a fine example to all the young actors out there that you can be kind of a trainwreck, but still a helluva guy.  Rourke recently visited the oncology department of a Russian hospital promoting a charity event for children with cancer.  He brought with him a black Santa Claus (ballsy move in Russia) who may or may not have been Samuel L. Jackson (it’s not Jackson, though I don’t know why, that guy will show up anywhere).  I can report to you exclusively that Mickey Rourke visiting little Russian kids with cancer is almost as cute as Mickey Rourke and his tiny dogs (that picture melts my heart every damn time).

I know it’s a cliché move, but any celebrity who visits cancer kids is alright by me.  How awkward would that be?  “Hey kid, sorry about the cancer.  Have you seen The Wrestler?”

Meanwhile, in the EnglishRussia account of the visit, they’ve got a picture of Rourke holding some sort of topless prostitute.  What the hell is going on there?  Is Russia just that much better at this whole make-a-wish thing?  I think topless chicks might just be standard at any Russian event.

TRUE STORY ASIDE: I spent a weekend in St. Petersburg last summer, and on the first night, our guide took us to this clubby bar where really hot, model-y looking women kept climbing on top of the bar and taking their shirts off (like fully topless).  It wasn’t a strip club and no one was tipping them or anything or even paying them much attention.  I kept trying to figure out what was going on, so I tapped our guide on the shoulder and asked, “Do they work here?”  She just looked at me, shrugged, and said “I don’t know,” as if the question of why a hot girl would be dancing topless on the bar had never occurred to her.








[Pictures via EnglishRussia and DailyMail via Buzzfeed]

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