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05.07.08 15 Comments

Bigger, Stronger, Faster* is a documentary by Chris Bell (trailer after the jump), a guy whose other credits include writing WWF Raw is War in 1997.  I can only imagine that involved sitting around a table going, “Okay, how ‘bout The Rock adopts a bulldog puppy and then Stone Cold Steve Austin shows up and runs it over in his truck?  I mean, there’s definitely gonna be a Peoples’ Elbow, but it’d be nice if it had some backstory, you know what I mean?”

Anyway, the movie premiered at Sundance, but doesn’t appear to have a theatrical release date set.  If the trailer is any indication, this will go further than the normal Drugs Are Bad, Mmm’Kay? discourse in which steroids are normally discussed. 

I mean, I hope it will. Because every time you do a bad piece about steroids, Sylvester Stallone rips an angel’s wings off.  …

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