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According to a recent Pew poll, a larger percentage of Mormons see Hollywood as “a threat to their values” than any other religion.  Hollywood placed third on the list of threats to Mormon values, just below caffeine and Mexicans, and just ahead of spooning. (Maybe).

The survey showed more than two-thirds of Mormons (68%) rebuffed the entertainment industry, followed by 54% of Jehovah’s Witnesses and 53% of evangelicals. Less than half (42%) of the general population said Hollywood threatens their values.

Incidentally, California is not just home to Tinseltown; it also boasts America’s second-largest Mormon population (13%), second only to Utah (35%). Mormons account for 1.7% of American adults, comparable to the nation’s Jewish population. [USA Today]

Oh sure, but God forbid you rebuff it hard enough to save us from Katherine Heigl and Stephenie Meyer.  It’s going to be all your fault when the dumpsters at prom are all overflowing with “abstinence babies.”  What, too far?  On a lighter note, 96% of Mormons polled were quick to add that Ryan Gosling “seems like a nice boy.”

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