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I sent this video to Ufford at WarmingGlow at one point but I can’t remember if he posted it.  Anyway, it’s a local commercial that features a dwarf with no hands singing “Safety Dance”, the hit 80s song by Men Without Hands.  Er, hats.  But an awesome commercial.  I’d go to any party those guys were attending. -Can’t remember who sent this, but thanks.


  • LOL NFL, Championship weekend edition. |KissingSuzyKolber|
  • Italian kid stabs his dad in a dispute over Playstation.  “But a-Papa, why you wanna beat-a me in-a FIFA?  You make-a Mamma cry.”  |WithLeather|
  • “South African zoo trying to get chimp to stop smoking.” |GammaSquad|
  • “Nick Kroll would be really good at football — if he had hands.” (*delayed record scratch*). |Atom|
  • 25 animals with their heads stuck in stuff. |HolyTaco|
  • What is Tom Cruise running from on the set of Knight and Day? |ScreenJunkies|
  • Australian man lands on the sex offenders register for possession of Simpsons porn.  |Fark|
  • Whoopi Goldberg talks teen sex self love.  *pumps lotion into hand* |InsideTV|
  • If videogames were named after the phrases most often said while playing them. |CollegeHumor|
  • This is old, but pimp slaps never get old.  The MMA pimp slap. |CageDoctors|
  • Diddy bought his son a $360,000 car for his 16th birthday.  Which I guess is one way that having a mentally bankrupt megadouche for a father might be so bad. |FListed|

[picture via ThatissoGay]


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