Morning News Round Up

08.20.10 9 years ago 15 Comments

Here’s a list of the films with the most F-bombs in handy infographic forms, courtesy of Emily over at Flavorwire.  Check out the full graph there.  Speaking of f*cks on film, how’s your sister?

Bob Marley biopic in the works. It’s supposed to cover the year Marley spent in London in 1977 during a love triangle.  Only they don’t have the rights to the songs yet, and might not get them because Marley’s widow isn’t too thrilled on a love triangle story.  I can’t think of many more boring, “been done” genres than the musician biopic, but you know who would be happy about this?  Ras-Trent. Buhda ding ding ding whooaa oh oh… Also, “love triangle” is how I style my pubic region. |Deadline|

We recorded a new Frotcast. Obviously that’s big news. Important news. |Subscribe, Listen|

You’ve done it again, Dreamworks.  Seth Rogen is set to voice the lead in “Boo U.,” a Dreamworks animated film about a ghost who has to go back to ghost school. Gosh, how’s Pixar going to top this one?  What’s next, a chihuahua who loves tacos? |THR|

Piranha 3D director doing Cobra: The Space Pirate. Following Piranha 3D, which is surprisingly getting rave reviews, Alexander Aja will adapt a Japanese manga about “a notorious rogue pirate.”  Isn’t “rogue pirate” kind of redundant?  Anyway, based on my incredible racism, I’m guessing this will involve lots of tentacle rape.  It’s about time, I say. |Deadline|

A Jumper sequel is being discussed.  According to Hayden Christensen, discussions are happening about making a sequel for 2008’s Jumper.  You know who will be excited about a Jumper sequel?  No seriously, I’m asking, I really want to know who would be excited about a Jumper sequel. |MTV|

An finally, here’s the trailer for Case 39, in which Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger adopt some kind of secret dwarf hooker.  It’s just now getting released, even though it was shot back in 2006.  That means it’s probably good, right?

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