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07.06.10 12 Comments

Kudos to The Guardian this morning for my printing my new favorite headline: “Martin Scorsese denies predicting great things for Rupert Grint.

The Sun reported that Scorsese had compared Grint to the young Leonardo DiCaprio, with whom Scorsese has regularly collaborated, and said there was no reason why Grint could not follow in his footsteps. He was also alleged to have expressed interest in making a film with Grint, particularly if he were to play a “badass”.

However, publicists for Scorsese, who is currently in London working on his new film, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, today issued the Guardian with a statement from the director saying that it was impossible he would have made such predictions.

“With respect to the Harry Potter films,” said the director, “regrettably I’ve never seen them and therefore I’m not able to discuss them or the performances in them in any way.”

Scorsese went on to ask, “Wait, which one is Rupert Grint again?  The ginger kid?  Yeah, that’s just gross.”  Then he spit on the ground and crossed himself.

[Oh, and here‘s the new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows poster, in case you’re interested.]

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