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11.10.09 18 Comments

There’s been a lot of stuff written about Avatar’s budget this week.  The New York Times made the eyebrow-raising assertion that the budget was $500 million when you factor in marketing. Then David Poland said it wasn’t, and CHUD said it was again, and I decided that’s a lot of reading for something no one knows for sure that I don’t care that much about. Kind of like religion.

But then I found this new Avatar ad created especially for Nickelodeon.  It clearly tries to sell the film more as a family adventure (like, say, Fern Gully…) than the game-changing science fiction revolution which will change Coke to Pepsi, find your car keys, and make God look like a child pornographer that it is.  And that voice over… isn’t that Don LaFontaine?  He died in 2008, but that voice is either him or someone doing a very good impression of him.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but I think it’s pretty clear that Avatar is so good that it brought Don LaFontaine back to life.  James Cameron is truly a visionary.

UPDATE: Dave from /Film thinks the voice could be one of these guys, and I think he’s probably right:

[Nickelodeon spot via FirstShowing]

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