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05.28.09 24 Comments

If you told me you wanted to make another Bad Lieutenant – Abel Ferrara’s 1992 classic starring Harvey Keitel – I’d say there’s no reason to do that.  But if you told me Werner Herzog would direct and it would star Xzibit and Val Kilmer, I’d say, “…I’m listening.”   Anyway, they’re calling this one Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (watch the trailer below).  It ponders the question, “Can we recreate the magic of Wicker Man if we do it deliberately?”

Asked why Nic Cage was right for the part, Werner Herzog said (I imagine), “I choose za Cage, because ven I look eento za forehead, I don’t zee za facial expression or zee human feelinks – za happiness, za sadness, za empazee – I zee nuzzink.  I look eento za forehead oont zere ees nuzzink but blackness.  Za cold eendifference of muzzer nature.  Ees beautiful.”

Trailer rated R for naughty language.

[via Collider]

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