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02.03.09 45 Comments

The makers of Breaking Upwards, an indie romantic-dramedy (an iRom-Dram) playing at SXSW (that’s “South By Southwest,” grandpa), recently made this faux rap video to promote their film.  The film tells the story of a New York couple played by real-life couple Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones (omg, it’s so meta!).  Will he pop the question?  Will she become Zoe Lister-Jones-Wein? Will she divorce him and marry Christopher Mintz-Plasse, thus becoming Zoe Lister-Jones-Wein-Mintz-Plasse?  Only time will tell.

Anyway, I give them extra points for creativity, but minus 1000 for the line “My future vision is generally spot on / much like the comic timing, of Jen Aniston.” You really couldn’t write a worse rap line than that.  At least not without referencing Kierkegaard.

(Plus 100 points for Olivia Thirlby in a bra).

And here’s the regular trailer:

[via /Film]

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