09.25.08 10 years ago 49 Comments

Warner is officially bringing back Will Smith, producer Akiva Goldsman, and director Francis Lawrence for another I Am Legend.  I haven’t seen it, but apparently Will Smith dies at the end, so this next one will be a prequel.  Oh yeah, spoiler alert or whatever.

Screenwriter D. B. Weiss has been commissioned to write a script for a movie that will chronicle the last days of the population of New York as millions either succumb to the virus that wipes out mankind, or become the mutants that force Smith’s sole survivor to hole up in a reinforced Manhattan townhouse by night. [Empire]

Either that or it’ll tell the story of the two hours just before the first I Am Legend where Will Smith just whacked off and hung out with his dog some more.  I liked that dog.  There could be a scene where he chases squirrels or some shit.

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