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12.17.09 36 Comments

Man, between all the comic book news today and now, Olivia Munn dressed as an alien, you nerds are probably sitting in giant piles of your own sloughed off dick skin by now.  Possibly on beanbag chairs made of it.  Anyway, here’s Olivia Munn and Eva Amurri dressed as Thelma and Louise, and also dressed as Na’avi from Avatar dressed like Thelma and Louise (yeah dude, I don’t know either).  They did it to promote the upcoming “Olivia Munn-der Years” special December 28th on G4.  Eva Amurri is of course Susan Sarandon’s daughter, and most recently played a stripper on Californication. I don’t know what a-hole put so many clothes on her, but legend has it, her breasts were formed from the same shimmering pool of angel tears as Diora Baird’s.  Some even say that on a quiet night, when you unclasp her bra, you can hear the sound of a harp.

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