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One of the longest-running Oscar segments is “In Memoriam,” during which the Academy honors the movie people who died that year.  Problem is, certain people always get left out (like Brad Renfro last year) and no one knows exactly why.  Notable exclusions this year included: George Carlin (not really known for movies, so okay), Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner, Longshanks in Braveheart), Eartha Kitt (Catwoman), and voice of the movies Don LaFontaine. (You can see a list of those they did honor after the jump).

Out of all of these, how the f-ck do you forget Don LaFontaine?  He did virtually every movie trailer for 30 years and was easily the most famous voice-over guy who ever lived (not to mention, you know, VOICE OF THE OSCARS).  And right there in his will it said, “Please cremate me, give all my money to my family, and please, PLEASE make sure Queen Latifah sings a shitty song about me at the Oscars.”  You’ve dishonored the man’s memory, you Slumdog-loving f-cks.  I hope he haunts your dreams. And “memoriam”?  What the hell does that even mean? Is that some kind of secret code? Screw you, hippies.

Note: Ledger was honored in last year’s ceremony.

Cyd Charisse
Bernie Mac
Bud Stone (executive)
Ollie Johnston (animator)
Van Johnson
J. Paul Huntsman (sound editor)
Michael Crichton (producer writer director)
Nina Foch
Pat Hingle
Harold Pinter (writer)
Charles H. Joffe (producer)
Kon Ichikawa (director)
Charles H. Schneer (producer)
Abby Mann (screenwriter)
Roy Scheider
David Watkin (director of photography)
Robert Mulligan (director)
Evelyn Keyes
Richard Widmark
Claude Berri (director)
Maila Nurmi (”Vampira”)
Isaac Hayes (actor musician)
Leonard Rosenman (composer)
Ricardo Montalban
Manny Farber (film critic)
Robert DoQui
Jules Dassin (director)
Paul Scofield
John Michael Hayes (screenwriter)
Warren Cowan (publicist)
Joseph M. Caracciolo (producer)
Stan Winston (special effects)
Ned Tanen (producer executive)
James Whitmore
Charlton Heston
Anthony Minghella (director producer)
Sydney Pollack (director producer actor)
Paul Newman

[hat tip to Nikki Finke]

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