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Movie tough guy and former soccer tough guy Vinnie Jones, whom you may remember from the “Oy’m da Juggernaut, bitch!” scene in X-Men 3, was arrested in South Dakota recently over an alleged method acting incident.

Police said Jones got into a scuffle at Wiley’s Tavern and suffered cuts on his face from a beer glass.

A police sergeant said Jones apparently charged at Jesse Bickett of Montrose, South Dakota, who hit Jones with the glass.

Bickett, 24, was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault.

One of Bickett’s roommates, Juan Barrera, said they were playing pool when Jones asked to play, then got offended when one of them asked if he was “that guy from X-Men.” Barrera said he was punched by Jones, who is mostly known for his tough guy roles, and countered with one or two of his own.

“He got offended by that, and he started pushing my other friends around. He said he’s been in so many other movies or whatever,” Barrera said.

Authorities said Jones was treated at a hospital, then was charged with simple assault and posted bail Friday morning. [International Herald Tribune]

Jones was supposedly in South Dakota to hunt peasants pheasant.  The best part of this whole thing is that Jones was pissed because someone remembered him for a Brett Ratner movie.  Keep in mind, Vinnie Jones has also starred in a movie opposite Stone Cold Steve Austin, done voice work on Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties, and will soon be appearing in Not Another Not Another Movie.  And yet the mere mention of X3 sent him into a violent rage.  I happened to re-watch X3 myself when it was on cable over the weekend and I can see why he was pissed.  In other surprising news, at least one Mexican guy lives in South Dakota.

UPDATE: Thanks to a sexy FilmDrunkard from the UK, you can see video of the fight here (UPDATE X2: or above). The Juggernaut got a couple punches in but eventually succumbed to a hip toss from a fat guy.  If you think that’s something, you should see him take down a plate of nachos.

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