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07.01.09 33 Comments

NY Mag recently obtained some production notes from Brüno, which for once are actually interesting (production notes are usually just a collection of the cast and crew’s embarrassing, sycophantic praise for each other, like a daisy chain in print form).  You can check them all out over there (and some are spoilery), but this is undisputed highlight:

According to whoever wrote the production notes, it was “stunningly easy” to get both Paula Abdul and LaToya Jackson to use Mexican gardeners (who were really actors) as chairs, despite Abdul’s claims to the contrary. “Both were very game,” allegedly.

Of course they were.  I try to avoid American Idol as much as humanly possible, but every time I hear Paula Abdul talk she sounds like Kirk Douglas on a whippet binge, which is generally a good indication that a person’s taking a stiff cocktail of reality-avoidance pills (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Bottom line, if you can’t feel your face, you’re probably not going to feel a Mexican’s shame.  Poor guy. Sources say he was so embarrassed that he told Abdul, “Ju can seet right here long as ju want, chica,” while pointing at his crotch and making kissing sounds.  True story.

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