09.21.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

In a recent interview, Spanish director Pedro Almodovar (Talk to Her, Volver) said:

"It's difficult to make a movie anywhere in Europe now. There is a general crisis of creation. "In America, it's perhaps not a crisis in terms of creativity, but in terms of quality. The quality of films being made there is simply not comparable to those before the 1960s. This is more than just a juvenile audience, I think it's become infantile."

Pssh, whatever, dude.  I don't know much about Spain, but this t-shirt I saw a t-shirt once said it's like Mexico with a college education.  But in terms of what he said, I think that if this new clip from Good Luck Chuck proves anything, it's audience sophistication.

So there you have it, let's bomb Spain, those lisping bastards.  And this time we'll have a good reason.  I still have the "I fought in a decisive sea and land battle and all I got was Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Phillipines" t-shirt from the last Spanish-American war.  It's bedazzling!  


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