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11.18.07 34 Comments

Awhile back I reported that Bryan Singer and Gus Van Sant were both planning biopics on Harvey Milk, San Francisco’s openly gay city councilman who was murdered by rival Dan White.  Now it looks like Van Sant’s version, starring Sean Penn, will begin production earlier, in January, according to a recent press release.

It’s a little disappointing, considering Singer’s version had a screenplay co-written by Chris McQuarrie (who worked with Singer on The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie) while Gus Van Sant’s version has Gus Van Sant, whose last decent movie was probably Good Will Hunting which came out 10 years ago.  Also disappointing was my last bowel movement (BM) which was watery and lacking in vigor. 

It’s interesting to note that Singer, Van Sant and Milk are all openly gay.  Their sexual preference doesn’t bother me, because despite my perfectly coiffed hair and stylish footwear, I’m all man.  I mean, duh, my favorite sport is UFC and there’s nothing I like better than watching a couple of  really strong dudes arm wrestle.  What could be more hetero than that, right?  If you doubt me, we can settle this with a wrestling match.

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