Piranha 3D’s viral marketing is vulgar & boob filled

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05.04.10 24 Comments

People send me links to movies’ viral sites all the time, but I rarely cover it because viral marketing is generally stupid.  I love The Dark Knight, but I couldn’t give less of a sh*t about your pretend campaign to elect Harvey Dent the mayor of a fictional city.  And you’re still a marketing douche, so stop acting like you’re Lenny Bruce.

That said, Piranha 3D is doing it right.  After I posted the trailer yesterday, reader Brendan discovered this viral site (NSFW).  It’s basically a fictionalized Girls Gone Wild with Jerry O’Connell playing the Joe Francis character.  There’s also a Facebook page with pictures of Eli Roth’s wet t-shirt contest emcee guy who looks like Channing Tatum’s Jewy cousin from back east.

Jerry O’Connell is his usual not-funny-but-trying-really-hard self, but I give the people behind this a lot of credit for making the whole thing really explicit.  The Meet the Girls section is especially boob-filled, and a lot of the girls look like they came from that strip club near the airport where my stepmom works.  …And I like that.

So if you’re one of the guys planning a viral marketing campaign, remember: straitlaced, unfunny backstory of fictional characters = who cares; explicit, funny, vulgar material you wouldn’t be allowed to show anywhere else = you’re doing it right.

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