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11.30.07 96 Comments

Al Roker visited the set of The Dark Knight this morning, and as expected, compelling television ensued.

Okay, pop quiz. What’s wrong with this sentence:  "The Batman franchise has has an almost cult-like following, with the films grossing a total of one and a half billion dollars."  Gee, Al, sounds pretty mainstream to me.

Also, didn’t Christian Bale used to be British?  What’s up with the accent?  He sounds like that episode of Friends where Ross fakes the British accent and then tries to phase it out. I mean, uh… it reminds me of that one time… I was, uh… watching football with the guys, and… STOP LOOKING AT ME!

I love these promotional tours they put the poor actors through where they have to explain the psyche of character they’re playing from a philosophical standpoint, even if the character is Captain Hook or a talking donkey.  Thanks for sociology lesson, Bale!  Keep nodding fascinatedly, Roker! Such insightful questions, "So, what’s Batman like?"  I swear they pay these people to be as dumb as the folks at home. 

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