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04.28.08 28 Comments

To prove that they’re still hip and current, NBC tonight will be airing a two-hour, Star Wars-themed Deal or No Deal in which all the girls dress like Princess Leia and The Banker is Darth Vader.

The contestant, a bearded fat guy in honor of George Lucas said, "It’s incredible, I feel like I’m back in the 80s again.  Holy crap, there’s even a guy dressed up like Howie Mandel!  I haven’t thought about him in 20 years!"

During the telecast, NBC plans to show a promo of their next hit game show, Heads or Tails, in which Bull from Night Court will "flip" a "coin", and contestants will have to call out "heads" or "tails" before it hits the ground.  "Tails!" we’ll scream at the TV.  "Heads!" the contestant will say.  "I’m sorry, it’s tails," Bull will say, and the contestant’s family will shake their heads sadly from the audience, knowing they’ll never respect him again. What a stupid idiot.

[Check out the video after the jump, or a couple more clips over Collider]

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