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11.21.07 160 Comments

Rambo’s latest TV spot hit the web today.  As fun as it is to rip on Sly and a fourth Rambo movie, I’ve been pretty into everything I’ve seen so far.  It won’t be Citizen Kane, but it seems to be aware of its own blood ‘n’ guts b-movie appeal, and that could be fun. [Source: ComingSoon.Net]

And then I got three seconds into its latest spot and heard "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor".  God I hate marketing people.  Ten bucks says this spot runs on Spike TV during The Ultimate Fighter between ads for a first person shooter video game and the latest Xyience product – I don’t care what’s in it because I’m an idiot!  I’m so mesmerized by tits, fire, and Chuck Liddell hitting a punching bag in the middle of the desert that I’ll put anything in my body!  GRR, NOX-CG3!

ME: Okay, hyperrealistic movie violence, this could be cool.   RAMBO MARKETING TEAMGreat!  Hey, so you must be an idiot who watches wrestling then, right?  Well check out this latest clip of split-second shots from the movie set to that song you all seem to like.  It was between that and the Disturbed song where the guy makes monkey sounds.  Hey, how ’bout a free 2-liter of Mountain Dew with every purchase?  Guys like that, right?  ME: Totally.  By the way, you have any boner pills you can sell me?  Send me an email about them, and be sure not to spell check anything.

Something’s got to give!!! 

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