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02.11.09 20 Comments

I’m pretty sure this story is like six months old, but if MTV says it’s new who am I to argue.  Besides, I need to refresh your memory about Brett Ratner’s plans to ruin re-ruin the Beverly Hills Cop franchise.

The remake will not only maintain the original movie’s rating and star, it will also carry the same title. “We’re not going to call it ‘4,’ he said. “It will be a new ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’”

Not numbering your sequel?? It’s never been done!  You’re a loose cannon, Ratner!  This town isn’t ready!

“It’s a reinvention,” the director revealed. “I’m going to reintroduce it to a contemporary audience. I’m going to take the best of the first two films and put it into the new one.” Ratner cited a curious recent example. “Look at what they did with ‘Indiana Jones,’” he said. “Tonally you have three different films.”

And yet numerically, you have four different films.  ‘Tis a paradox.

“Eddie Murphy to me was what Chris Tucker is to 12 and 13 year olds today,” he said. “I would never do another buddy cop movie, but to do ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ is a dream for me. Eddie is a genius.” [via MTV]

Whoa whoa whoa, are we gonna need to put out an Amber Alert on Chris Tucker?  This kind of thing is nothing to joke about, my girlfriend’s 13.

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