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When Peter Berg signed on for Battleship, it meant Dreamworks had to find someone else to direct Real Steel.  They chose Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy for the project, which can basically be described as When Rocky Met Robot Jox.

The “Steel” story line takes place in a near future where human boxing has been outlawed, and heavy, humanoid robots slug it out in the ring instead. Into this world step a father and his estranged teenage son, who train an extraordinary fighter.

I can hear the pitch now: “See, it’s like Iron Man meets Terminator meets Fight Club, with a dash of f’ck it, let’s say Transformers.”  And keep in mind this isn’t a Japanese direct-to-DVD flick, it’s being produced by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis.  Now, please hold for a truly awful PR quote…

“Steven’s passion for this project was absolutely infectious and I’m so excited to bring this story to life,” Levy said. “In a movie filled with these mechanical warriors, at its core ‘Real Steel’ is an incredibly human story.”

WOOOF.  Please tell me he didn’t actually say that.  That was created with an automated, mad-lib PR-quote generator, right?  “In a _____ filled with _______s, at its core, _________ is an incredibly _______ story.” Try it out some time.  In a BATHTUB filled with MEXICANs, at its core, THE READER is an incredibly LESBIAN story.  Works for anything, really.

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