The Rock Loves Shooting People in the Brain

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10.07.10 15 Comments

Anyone who’s seen The Rock on Saturday Night Live or late-night talk shows knows that while he may not be DeNiro in terms of acting ability, he’s got a certain charm and charisma that seems like it would translate well to action movies, or a project that wasn’t a dumb Disney movie for your wiener kids where he wears a tutu. (How fake fighting other juiced-out dudes in your underwear pigeonholes you as a family-friendly entertainer I’ll never understand, but I digress…).  This new red-band trailer for Faster seems to suggest that this might finally be the non-tutu-movie-for-wiener-kids Rock project we’ve been waiting for.  And by that I mean he blows a dude’s brains out in the first 10 seconds.

It comes from director George Tillman Jr., who previously directed the surprisingly-watchable Notorious, and co-stars Billy Bob Thornton, who no doubt thrilled the crew with discussions about where The Boxmasters rank in comparison to The Beatles, or Tom Petty.

Faster follows Driver [The Rock], an ex-con bent on avenging the death of his brother who was murdered 10 years earlier during a heist. Veteran policeman Cop [Thornton] is trailing Driver as he races to settle with those responsible for the murder and Killer, an egocentric hitman, is also targeting Driver.

So… at least you know they didn’t waste time giving the characters clever names.  That’s good.  I hear The Expendables blew half their silly-name budget before they even shot a frame.  Rookie mistake.

"Do you SMEEELL what my glock is cookin'???" ...I am rightly ashamed.

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