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01.07.08 15 Comments

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn reportedly don’t like each other, culminating in Reese refusing to shoot a sex scene on their romantic comedy, Four Christmases.

Sources claimed that Vaughn regularly turned up on set looking like he had been out all night and that he preferred ad-libbing to rehearsing with his co-star. The Oscar-winning actress is now rumoured to have rebelled at the prospect of filming an intimate love scene with Vaughn.

An insider told the New York Post: "Reese has an issue with the scripted love scene. It is meant to be a funny, American Pie-style romp, full of bumps and laughs, but Reese is of such a prude, she thinks it’s just too much." []

This just in: all actors are exactly how you would’ve imagined.  It’s true – they have no personalities and in real life are just like the characters they play.  Except for Phillip Seymour Hoffman who’s actually 76-year-old Laotian woman.  And that’s why he deserved the Oscar.   

Oh, did you want to know about Four Christmases? It’s being directed by King of Kong‘s Seth Gordon and Vaughn is one of the producers, but it will still suck because it’s a Christmas movie.  All Christmas movies suck due to something called "The Curse of Jesus", which, as Bad Santa proved, can only be broken through gratuitous use of the word "buttf*cking". 

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