07.16.09 9 years ago 61 Comments

The new international trailer for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes has just hit the web.  New Holmes apparently isn’t as much for book larnin’ as old Holmes, and spends most of his time diving out of buildings, boxing, dodging explosions, hammer fighting, and practicing bartitsu, which isn’t nearly as drunk or sexy as it sounds.  In fact, the new trailer is almost identical to the domestic one I posted a few months ago, the only difference I can see being that the old one ends with Holmes handcuffed naked to a bed, while the new one ends with Jude Law punching him in the face.  And as we all know, every time a guy gets handcuffed naked to a bed and punched in the face, David Carradine’s angel gets its wings.  And then the ninjas come.

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