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08.07.08 24 Comments

At a recent press junket for Tropic Thunder, someone accidentally let in a guy who wasn’t a neutered sycophant… and chaos ensued!

…a large, heavily tattooed dj from a local morning show who obviously missed the memo on ‘junket etiquette’. Or any etiquette, for that matter. It was especially interesting to watch reactions as tattoo-boy asked former addict ROBERT DOWNEY JR. who he’d like to “drink a brew and smoke a blunt with”. Listen in to what happened before publicists swept in and escorted him to another area. [HollywoodOutbreak]

Other questions included, "You play a black guy in the movie, who’s a hot black chick in Hollywood right now?"  and, "Who would you rather do a love scene with, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or Lindsay Lohan?"  You can hear most of the exchange here, but the most impressive thing about the tape is that even while all the PR douchingtons in the room are clearly freaking out, Robert Downey Jr. plays along and even seems to be having a good time.  In fact, the only people he chastises are the people who interrupt the guy.  Robert Downey Jr. is easily the coolest person in Hollywood.  All of the dude’s questions were pretty tame, so I can’t imagine how they justified kicking him out.  But in their defense, he does sound Mexican.  

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